Globe 4 is the innovative software platform for the archiving and management of all business documents, created by Arket:

  • It makes possible the automatic acquisition and indexing of every type of document managed in the company information system (active cycle, passive cycle, tracking, production, quality etc.) and of every other document managed outside the information system (manuals, staff management, direction documents etc.)
  • All documents and all the associated information will be linked to each other in order to facilitate browsing and retrieval (process/dossier).
  • It provides a powerful search engine that allows you to instantly find the necessary documents, assuring the respect of the configured access rules.
  • It makes business flows fast and lean, enabling to reach new management economies, eliminating wastes and increasing productivity.
  • Each user will be guided in the execution of tasks assigned to him, following the order and the time required by the process.
  • It simplifies the sending of any document, using the most common digital channels: E-mail, certified email, Link, Portal, Fax.
  • It makes possible to represent in a graphic and interactive way any type of information contained within Globe or in the business information system (Dataview).
  • It provides to the final user a pleasant user experience and it is easy to learn how to use it.


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